On August 8th, a Shenpen team of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monks and volunteers arrived in Timuri, in Nepal’s Rasuwa district to deliver much needed relief supplies to a very grateful community. In particular, 150 families received a gift of sleeping bags generously provided by Mr. Saraf of the Hyatt, in Boudhanath. The Rasuwa district is still plagued by frequent landslides due to instabilities in the local terrain, and living in such conditions is quite taxing on the mind and body of Timuri villagers. Mr. Saraf’s gift of warm and restful slumber is a precious blessing not lost for a moment on Timuri residents!



A lot of peaceful slumber Comrade bodhisattvas Dignity in Compassionate Action Distribution 1 Distribution 2 Full truck Happy Timuri Resident 1 Orderly Timuri Assistance Packing up Timuri Elder makes gesture of respect Well-mannered Timuri Children

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