Moti Aama Posted June 23, 2016 by Suchan Budha


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Moti Aama was only seventeen when she experienced her first earthquake, an 8.4M shock that struck Nepal on January 15, 1934. Eighty-one years later,her home was destroyed by the recent massive quake in 2015 that also killed four people in her small village. After two months of living in the destruction with very little food, Moti Aama left everything she knew and went by helicopter to start a new life in Dhola.


She spent the last year living in a tent, but her spirit remains strong and positive. While she confirms that nothing remains for her family in their old village, she finds all these changes in her life exciting. She expects she will die soon but is pleased that her daughter, son, and grandchildren will now have a safe place to call home in Dhola.

Moti Aama’s wish is that her community will live in harmony while undertaking their project of building their fifty-five new homes.


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