Meet our donors: Ulli Glocknitzer Posted December 26, 2016 by Director Shenpen


Ulli Glocknitzer is an Austrian citizen. She works in a kindergarten as a teacher assistant. Ulli looks like having an ordinary life but she has extraordinary characteristics: her commitment to the well-being of humankind and an unbelievable devotion to people of Nepal that she visited twice.

Ulli G.

Ulli G.

After the devastating earthquake of April 2015, Ulli felt that she should do something to help Nepal. She called many ournalists she called many journalists and organized interviews among them and her sister living in Nepal for over 27 years. She set up a bank account to receive donations and started collecting funds. Since 25 April 2015, Ulli collected over 79,000 Euros for Nepal by sensibilizing people to Nepal’s catastrophic situation through articles in national and local Austrian newspapers, TV and radio interviews, bake sales, etc., and  organizing interviews.90% of the funds were used for the relief efforts just after the earthquake. With it, we bought and distributed tarpaulins, tin sheets, food, medicine, etc. The other 10% (€9,339 or 1,105,000 Nrs) of the funds she collected since the earthquake have been invested in the reconstruction of Nepal through Shenpen Rebuild Homes | Heal Hearts project. For us at Shenpen and the community we work with, this sum represents the cost of the construction of 1 ½ home.

You can follow Ulli’s fundraising activities and result thru her blog We help Nepal or via We help Nepal’s Facebook page.

Shenpen wants to thank you, Ulli Glocknitzer, for your commitment and devotion towards our work and the people of Nepal.