On the progression of the fundraising campaign Posted December 26, 2016 by Director Shenpen



Since last October, over USD 250,000 in construction material—rebar, cement, sand, aggregate, stone, etc.—has been purchased. Shenpen also supports the transportation of those materials from Kathmandu or different factories to the building site.


pie chart expenditure dhola


Current estimates place the project at fifty to sixty percent complete. As the community themselves provides the labor at no cost, Shenpen contributes further by sponsoring part of food and the education costs for the 2016-17 academic year for sixty-six of the community’s youth.

Cost estimates for this project approach $500,000. Given what Shenpen has already fundraised, completion of the project will require about $250,000 more. These funds will be invested in the completion of the slabs and brick work, the roofing, the installation of doors and windows, and interior painting.

After the monsoons rains subsided, construction resumed in earnest with the aim to complete the fifty-five homes this winter. In order to accomplish this goal, Shenpen continues to raise funds through various means. Donors report that they feel this project is highly meaningful and connecting to it through making an offering to complete the work has been rewarding for them.

Consider being part of it.

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