In 2016, Street Dog Care (SDC), a local NGO with whom Shenpen has been working for
years, vaccinated over 1,000 dogs living on the streets of Boudhanath and its surroundings. About 25 volunteers and local veterinarians supported Shenpen’s annual anti-rabies vaccination campaign in the Boudhanath area, pursuing our mission to keep the whole neighborhood safer for dogs, children, and everyone else.

When SHENPEN Animal Welfare started funding the vaccination program in 2011 through SDC, we were only able to vaccinate 216 street dogs. The year after, in 2012, that number had more than doubled and we were able to vaccinate 515 street dogs. Since then these number
have been growing every year.

SDC also runs awareness and sensitization campaigns by visiting the local communities and the schools nearby.  Volunteers share information about the importance of vaccination, information on how to recognize whether a dog has rabies or not and where to report needed emergency medical care. In the hope of creating a better community for all, Sanu, the manager of SDC, says: “we tried to vaccinate every single street dog in Boudha”.

That beautiful work has been possible because of the long-term financial support of C.H.A.N.C.E. for Nepal (UK).