Sponsor a student. Change lives. Posted May 11, 2017 by Director Shenpen



Shenpen Education wishes to extent program in order to offer more sponsorships. This year, we are looking to match with a kind and generous sponsor five of our eleven students.

Education is the most effective way to stop the vicious circle of poverty and make the world we live in better for everyone. For these reasons, Shenpen Education deeply wishes a good education for every child in Nepal. Everyday, we commit our energy to do so, but now we need your help in order to offer a better education to as much children as possible.

Here are some of the children Shenpen wants to sponsor for the new academic here, would you like to help educating them by sponsoring one or some of them ?

Please, meet some of our amazing students here

How Shenpen Education sponsorship program works

For each student, we provide:

  • The cost of the school fees
  • Regular monitoring of the school and the progress of the student
  • Regular monitoring of the familial situation

For each sponsor, we provide :

  • Regular updates on the students progress through the report cards and photos
  • A yearly letter or a drawing from the pupil
  • Updates on the situation of the family

For less than a 1$ per day, you can change the live of a child and his family forever. Please, consider subscribing to our yearly or monthly donation plan in order to help a Nepali student.

You would like to sponsor one of them? Please contact us at: info@shenpennepal.org or make a donation through our paypal at: https://www.shenpennepal.org/donate/.