The Success Story of Nirmala Lamichane Posted July 18, 2017 by Suchan Budha



The Women’s Cooperative Society (WCS) has been providing training for the past nine years to its members. The micro finance program empowers women and lifts the living standards of underprivileged women. WCS achieves this by providing low cost loans to its members with minimum interest.

Trainees with their trainer and representatives of WCS

Recently, during one of their training carried out in July, they provided skills training in advanced seasonal vegetable farming training to the members of Balaju. There were 25 participants in the training, which was facilated by two female trainers.

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Preserving seeds

Success story – Nirmala Lamichane

Nirmala has been member of WSC for the past 14 years.  With the help of WCS, she took out a loan of 100,000 Nrs and with their support started an agriculture business.

Initially, she started farming on her two ropanis of land. Then, with her loan she rented some more land and started agricultural farming. During the year, Nirmala utilized the land efficiently. She planted vegetables in February, and harvested after two months. She planted again in June and harvested after three months. Then again in November and harvested in January.

Nirmala Lamichane

With each harvest she makes a profit of Nrs 40,000-50,000 Nrs.  She has a big green house where she cultivates cucumbers and tomatoes. This year she was able to sell the cucumbers for 50,000 Nrs.

Nirmala also farms cows, which provide her compost for the vegetables and sells around 35 litres of milk every day.

During the harvesting season, she provides employment for up to six people at her farm.

During this time she has raised a family of four and provided her children with a good education. Her son is an undergrad student and her daughter is in class 11. Her other children are in a good school. Nirmala’s husband works as an electrician.

She is a fine example of how a simple loan with a good business plan and commitment can lead women to success. Nirmala has cleared her initial loan as well as building a new home. Looking at her success, other women in the same neighborhood have been encouraged to try and emulate Nirmala’s success.

Nirmala underwent the advanced seasonal vegetable training this year and she says confidently ‘I can definitely increase my income now as I used to buy the compost but now I have learned how to make organic compost and cultivate more. I also learnt how to treat plants if they get a disease’.

Other trainees were fortunate to do the practical in Nirmala’s green house, which was very inspiring for everyone.

Next year, Shenpen wishes to train over 700 women. Help us empowering women by becoming a monthly donor.