Friends from Hong Kong! Posted August 14, 2017 by Suchan Budha


Shenpen Health has a long-term program in the Burns Unit of Kanti Children’s Hospital. Twice a month, we try to smooth the suffering of the small patients by distributing goody bags to each of them. With the financial support of Chance for Nepal (UK), we delivered 283 Goody-Bag’ in 2016.

Shenpen Health is also responsible for arranging the playroom at Kanti Children’s Hospital and also provide supplies, toys and clothes at the Burns Unit.

This year again, friends of Shenpen from Hongkong (Ayelet, Irit and Ian Mc Carroll) made this program possible by offering different toys, clothes, jackets and shoes which were distributed among children and added to the playroom.

Shenpen gratefully thanks Ayelet and her friends, for collecting good quality clothes all the way from Hongkong, along with the generous help of Ian Mc Carroll, a pilot with Dragon Air who made this distribution program a successful one.

All of these supplies will benefit the twenty-two patients at the Kanti Children’s Hospital – Burns Unit.

Ian Mc Carroll

Thank you once again for all of your help — I will continue to spread the word about the admirable work that you are doing!

Apart from that, Shenpen was also able to equip 12 children of ‘Papa’s Home’ (VFN) with football boots. The children are fond of football and didn’t have enough football boots. But they were so excited when I brought 12 pairs of football boots, now all the children can play football.