The Success Story of Kamala Posted January 17, 2018 by Suchan Budha



Meet Kamala from Bhardeau. She grows cauliflower, chilies, cabbage, pumpkins, tomatoes, and other seasonal and non-seasonal vegetables on a small plot of leased land. Her husband helps her sell their vegetables in the nearby market.

Kamala began her small business by first learning about kitchen gardening in order to grow nutritious green leafy vegetables to feed her family. Then, after completing the course in Basic Vegetable Farming Training, she leased additional land to grow more vegetables commercially. Now, the income from selling vegetables supports her children’s education and allows the purchase of more expensive food items, such as meat and eggs, for her growing kids.

How did Kamala manage to start her small-scale yet prosperous farming? She took a loan from the Women Cooperative Society. Having repaid her loan and increased her monthly income, she can now save money.