Padam Kumari and her Activities Posted June 15, 2018 by Suchan Budha




Padam Kumari is 81 years old. She has been living at the Old Age Home since shortly after Nepal’s devastating earthquakes of 2015.

In her old age, Padam had lived for a while with her son’s family, but her son often ignored her needs and the elderly woman fell into neglect. Her daughter then took her in, but eventually she came to regard Padam as just a nuisance and an additional burden to her household. On the recommendation of a neighbor, Padam’s daughter decided to bring her to the Old Age Home.

Pic: Mariemarie vincenti meerson

Now, Padma has finally found her place! She happily spends her days making butter-lamps beside friends her age group at the Home. The little money she earns from this craft gives her a sense of worth, self-esteem, and supports her small personal expenses.  Meanwhile, the Home provides all their elderly residents with food, shelter, health care, affection, and all else totally free of cost.

Shenpen is pleased to say they have been supporting Mata Tirtha Old Age Home with monthly food provisions since 2013.

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