Education has always been the cornerstone of personal and societal growth, a tool that has the capacity to transform lives and pave the way for prosperous futures. Recognizing this immense power, we at Shenpen are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Shiksha Nepal in our initiative called the Ek Kitab campaign and the Scholarship Package programs.

Dolpa district, known for its breathtaking landscapes, also bears the brunt of limited access to quality educational resources, especially in its remote areas. In our commitment to bridge this gap and prioritize early literacy development, we are distributing a total of 350 children’s story books to two deserving schools in Raha village.

These aren’t just books – they’re doorways to different worlds, avenues to ignite curiosity, and tools to boost cognitive growth. Our ultimate goal is to instill a deep-rooted love for reading among the children, ensuring they develop essential literacy skills and expand the horizons of their creativity and imagination.

Education should never be a privilege, but a right for all. While education fees are waived in many areas by government, this does not entirely alleviate the financial burdens for education. For example: Buying school uniforms, Stationery items, etc. Understanding the financial challenges many students face, we are offering scholarship package to 10 deserving students. Selected based on academic performance and financial need, the beneficiaries will be provided with uniforms, stationery, and other vital materials required for their academic journey.

Every book we distribute, every scholarship we grant, is an investment in the future – the future of a child, a community, and a nation. We are deeply committed to the progress of these young minds and their communities. With continued support and shared vision, together, we can and will make a meaningful difference.

Join us in our mission. Together, let’s empower the future.